At Loudhouse, we are firm believers that numbers tell stories.

A team of passionate marketers and research specialists, we spend our time getting under the skin of how people buy and use tech, providing content marketers with the buyer insights, data and trends they need to build their brands and drive sales.

Marketing is more complicated than ever and we aim to make the life of a tech marketer easier by providing insight you can act upon, content you want to shout about and evidence that your marketing activities are actually working.


What our clients say.

“We engaged with Loudhouse to conduct a global survey that would support our biggest launch of the year—including a full corporate rebranding, market repositioning and product launch. The team was terrific to work with and provided exactly what we needed. Their attention to detail was excellent. As a result, the survey has yielded significantly positive results in the forms of media coverage and lead generation. We’re confident that we’ll be able to leverage the data from the survey for a long time to come.”

Erica Burns, Director, Media & Analyst Relations, Progress


Content marketing lifecycle

Research plays a role at every part of the content marketing lifecycle, whether you are in planning mode and all about personas, looking to create killer content or want to simply measure what is or isn’t working.


If you don’t know the audience, how will they get to know you?

  • Planning
  • Perception Audit
  • Persona Insights
  • Focus Groups

If you don’t measure what works, how do you improve?

  • Brand Audits
  • Share of Voice
  • Sentiment Tracking
  • Conversion / ROI



We all know how easy it is to embark on a marketing campaign, get carried away with new and exciting creative ideas and somewhere along the way to lose sight of who you’re actually trying to sell to.  Knowing what is changing for your customers and prospects and how to apply the personas you’ve spent so long developing would make planning so much easier, giving you the confidence you are investing in the right places.


Tasked with building brand awareness and getting more marketing qualified leads into the business, you rely on compelling content to engage customers and prospects. Wouldn’t it be great to do some thought leadership research we hear you cry – a survey that can both deliver newsworthy content and prompt download frenzies, without blowing your budget. Putting planning, context and simplicity at the heart of content research, we’re as passionate about telling your story in the most engaging way as you are.


Infographics - Bringing research to life



ROI, ROI, ROI….is the stuff marketing dreams (and nightmares) are made of. With marketing budgets under more scrutiny than ever, you feel increasing pressure to show what has actually changed for your business. Software can take you part the way there as can talking to people, but what you really want is advice on how to measure the value of your activities to ensure that your plans are delivering for you.


Dashboards - Making analytics and reporting easy


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About Us

Established in 2005, Loudhouse is the specialist research division of Octopus Group, the brand to sales agency based in London. We live and breathe technology and B2B.  Loudhouse is proud to have provided number-driven stories and insight to many leading brands in the technology and B2B space.

Loudhouse works in a completely integrated fashion with marketing and PR teams, consulting closely throughout projects to ensure research always delivers.  Experts in global research, we are methodology agnostic and employ a range of different research techniques based on your objectives and who we’re trying to reach. Loudhouse works with the best panel partners who adhere to rigorous quality standards and has also partnered with third party institutes to co-author reports. These include IESE, London School of Economics, Institute of Employment Studies, Delta Economics and the Henley School of Management.

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Loudhouse is the specialist research division of Octopus Group, a sales-driven content marketing agency with a 10-year heritage communicating on behalf of technology brands. Our team is made up of marketing specialists, PR pioneers, design sages, social strategists, content masters, coders and research experts. At Octopus Group we create content strategies that connect audiences with brands and transport them through to purchase. How our content affects buying intention is measured at every step. We combine the art of brand with the science of sales. It’s marketing alchemy. Octopus Group becomes a strategic partner for brands, tasked with helping them grow. Our scale, history and innovative core enable us to catapult businesses from brand awareness to sales conversion. We are the brand to sales agency.